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Andrew Cushin: Noel Gallagher is just a normal bloke
Andrew Cushin: Noel Gallagher is just a normal bloke

Andrew Cushin says Noel Gallagher is just a “normal bloke”.

The rising star’s track, ‘Where’s My Family Gone’, was produced by the former Oasis rocker and features his backing vocals and guitar-playing.

The Britpop legend first discovered Andrew after hearing an early demo of his single, ‘Waiting For The Rain’, and was blown away by his “great natural voice”.

Andrew – who is often compared to Sam Fender – respected that the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker was doing him a “massive favour” and said he “worked his arse off” to “impress” him.

He told The Line of Best Fit: “Needless to say, I was f****** s****** it as we were going in.

“It made me realise, do you know what? He’s a normal bloke, and he’s doing me a massive favour. The best thing I can do is to not sit here and just lick his arse. I could just get into the studio and work my arse off to impress him as much as I can – which I’d like to think I’d done to the best of my ability.”

As a result of Noel sending his tracks to an industry executive who helped launched the careers of Jake Bugg and Lewis Capaldi, Andrew subsequently signed a record deal with Virgin Records.

Since being mentored by the 53-year-old icon, Andrew has dropped his ego and knows he needs to put in the graft to perfect his art.

The musician admitted he had “changed as a person” when he received praise for his early performances, despite him going on stage drunk and not giving his best, and he soon realised that had to change.

He said: “I was finishing gigs, and everyone who came over to us said I was brilliant.

Not one person said I was s***. Not one person. I was getting texts off friends that hadn’t spoken to me in years, do you know what I mean? And slowly but surely, your head f****** grows, without you even realising. And I did change, as a person, for quite a while. I think going into the studio made me realise I’m not f****** brilliant. I couldn’t play the drums; I couldn’t play the bass. I used to go on stage p*****, no set list, not even tuning my guitar. Now I can’t do that. I’m transparent enough, now, to admit that to myself. I think that gives you a bit of a kick up the arse – when I realised I’m so far away from being a polished artist, it’s unbelievable.”

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