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David Arnold admits his life approach is ‘odd’
David Arnold admits his life approach is ‘odd’

David Arnold thinks he has an “odd” approach to life.

The 58-year-old composer – who is perhaps best known for scoring five James Bond films – has admitted he’s simply “happy to be awake”.

He told the ‘Elevenses’ podcast: “I’ve got an odd, sort of morbid way of living my life … and that is, I wake up every morning a) happy to be awake because the other options aren’t good …

“So I’m happy to be awake. And I try and think of what I’m doing that day along the lines of, ‘If this is my last day on this planet, did I spend it with people I like doing something I like?’ No matter how banal or small or huge. I try to make that day equal to that expectation.”

David also revealed he’d love to host his own radio phone-in show one day because he relishes listening and learning from other people.

He said: “I love radio so I’ve always fancied doing a sort of phone-in radio thing were you can just argue with people … not argue, have a discussion wit people. I love that format.

“I like finding out about people and about what they know and what they think and why they think it. I’ve learnt a lot from listening to some of these discussions on the radio, so I love that sort of thing.”

David would also love to work as a chef.

He shared: “I love cooking. So, in a way, I’d like to be a chef in a restaurant were my responsibility is to come in and cook one thing once and then go home.

“I love the idea of it but not the workload because I know it’s incredibly strenuous and difficult.”

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