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FaZe’s YNk says CS:GO teams using banned coaches as analysts is a joke
FaZe’s YNk says CS:GO teams using banned coaches as analysts is a joke

FaZe Clan’s Janko “YNk” has slammed the CS:GO teams who moved their banned coaches, who exploited bugs to gain a competitive advantage, to analyst positions.

An ESIC investigation found that numerous coaches in the competitive CS:GO scene were exploiting a spectator bug to give their teams an unfair advantage in tournaments.

Heroic, ENCE, and Hard Legion did not suspend their coaches but instead simply moved them to analyst positions, and Janko is appalled by the way those teams handled the situation.

“Some of these orgs really are a joke. Their coaches [were] found guilty of using the bug, multiple times and with clear intent of gaining a competitive advantage, and you simply move them to an ‘analyst’ position,” he said on Twitter.

“I’m all for giving people second chances but you also need to face the consequences for what you’ve done. What kind of an example are we setting here?

“Do the time and then you can come back and get another opportunity to redeem yourself and prove you’re better than that.

“I’ve got nothing against them personally, I’ve talked to Twista multiple times at LANs and I think he’s a great guy but they’ve smeared the whole scene and especially our profession, how are these orgs still allowing them to be a part of the team?”

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