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Noel Gallagher produces rising star Andrew Cushin’s emotional new single
Noel Gallagher produces rising star Andrew Cushin’s emotional new single

Noel Gallagher has produced Andrew Cushin’s emotional track ‘Where’s My Family Gone’.

The rising star’s manager sent live footage of an early gig to the former Oasis rocker, and convinced the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ hitmaker to work on the youngster’s new single.

Reflecting on the moment they first met at a London recording studio, Andrew told NME: “When Noel arrived, I was bricking it.

“He shook my hand and we just had a chat straight away. We spoke about our families and all his great times from the 90s and it instantly put me at ease.

“It meant that by the time I went in to do the first vocal and couple of chords, I just knew I was there to work. I thought ‘let’s just try and impress him and get it as good as it should be.’ “

The 20-year-old singer admitted he found their time in the studio quite surreal, as he was working on his song with the Britpop legend.

He added: “There was moments when I did have to pinch myself and think that’s Noel standing over that mixing desk, planning how the next drums should sound.

“It was a surreal experience but I cherished every moment of it.”

Despite getting to work with someone of Noel’s calibre, Andrew admitted he won’t get carried away and he knows he still has to put a lot of work in.

He said: “[Noel] told us to graft. I’m under no illusions that this song is going to change my life overnight, because that’s just not going to happen.

“It’s going to take time and I’m hoping to break through in the same way as Sam Fender and artists like that.

“He just said keep your head down, work hard and write write write. That’s what I’ll do. It was an incredible experience.”

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